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Area−1: Small Antenna/Radio Wave Propagation

We have extensive experience in design and evaluation of rod/PIFA antennas for 2G/3G cellular phones, wideband antennas for UWB, and small antennas for implanted devices. In addition to the evaluation of the antenna gain in an anechoic chamber, we propose and practice new methods for link budget evaluation in various fading conditions. (OS: Out-Sourcing, Cons: Consulting)

Service Offered:

  • Basics of small antennas and wave propagation (Lecture, Cons)
  • Everything from analysis of the level diagram to the antenna design (OS, Cons)
  • Planning of antenna evaluation under severe fading (Cons)
  • Antenna design and evaluation with an EM simulator (Cons)

Area−2: RF Devices and Transceivers

We have hands-on experience in the design and evaluation of PA (Power Amplifiers), LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers), antenna matching circuits, PLL (Phase Lock Loops) and so forth, mainly for cellular phones. In addition, we have in-depth knowledge about novel modulation/demodulation schemes and channel coding.

Service Offered:

  • Lectures on distributed constant circuits and transmission lines (S-parameters, Smithchart, etc.) (Lecture, Cons)
  • Design and optimization of PA/antenna systems. Including Load-pull measurement and/or simulation, which should be applied to TX design. (OS, Cons.)
  • Design/optimization and evaluation of RX sensitivity. (Cons.)

Area−3: Design and Evaluation of Communication Systems

As well as link budget analyses, we have hands-on experience of design and evaluation of RF communication systems with S/W and F/W for network protocols and controls. Our work on development projects covers each stage of the process from requirement analysis to evaluation, to technology transfer for mass production.

Services Offered:

  • Type approval (including SAR) of wireless systems (OS, Cons)
  • System design of applications based on BAN/PAN/LAN (OS, Cons)
  • Evaluation and Reduction of EMI (Cons)

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