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Launching A New LLC, "Waremo Works"

On July 4th, we applied to a regional legal affairs bureau for the registration of "Waremo Works, LLC," and they have completed the procedure to authorize the company officially.

Our main purposes are R&D in the following areas:

  1. Wireless Communications/Networks
  2. Wireless Power Transmission
  3. Machine Learning

In particular, we pursue tangible technologies that have an impact on product differentiation. We, however, are quite new, and will have to concentrate on building the development environment, and it will take a little more time for us to ship or deliver our technologies.

We have enough experience in Area 1 above, and believe that we are capable of consultating in this right now. When you have any issues around in these areas, please give us an opportunity to help facilitate your important projects.

Taka Fukuda

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